Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thing #3

WELL! Wasn't that an adventure! Isn't it great that when creating an avatar you get an hourglass figure, perfect teeth, and look 25ish?? I like this avatar thing. Creating the avatar was such fun! The step by step instructions and the tabs to create dissolved my anxieity and made this activity painless. EVEN exporting (using Vaughn's priceless instructions) worked the FIRST time! I am very pleased with the creation of my first blog WITH avatar! Today, I feel I am definitely gaining strength on Habit #4 - semi-competency with blogs and confidence!

Thing #2

The 7-1/2 Habit of Lifelong Leaners video gave me some "ammunition" to help those reluctant students I will encounter next fall. These habits were succinct and crystal clear as to what we all need to become lifelong learners as opposed to the alternative type learner - the door stop. I especially enjoyed that learning is attitudnal - all in the attitude. Of the 7-1/2 Habits, the one that comes the most natural to me is #3. I am the self appointed, "Queen of Plan B". When obstacles present themselves on the road of life or learning - what wonderful opportunity is available for discovery? There is always something that can be done to continue on the path successfully - whatever the task may be. The most challenging Habit for me personally would be #1 - setting goals. I teach my students to have goals. We do activities that encourage and demand they create goals, plans, timetables for achieving ,etc. BUT ME? The shotgun approach is my norm! Creating the Learning Contract today was thrilling, but scary. I feel that my reticence in goal setting comes from fear of failure. If I don't set a goal, I don't worry about achieving it. However, as I sit and read what I just wrote - maybe I just fool myself into thinking I am not setting goals and I actually do! Confused? Great! First goal met!

35 Degrees

My first Blog! My first entry on my first blog!! With mittens on my hands, Uggs on my feet, I am plunging into the scary cyber world of blogging whilst sitting on my couch. Yes, the couch is INSIDE the house or cabin as is the more appropriate term. Yes, the temperature, according to the thermometer just outside the door is 35 degrees! So, you are asking yourself, why is it 35 degrees inside the cabin? Is she crazy, mentally challenged? No, just an escapee from Texas! I hurriedly left the muggy HOT climate of Houston 2 days ago. I couldn't wait to reach our dream cabin in Colorado where I have all the windows open so I can hear the creek gurgling, the Canadian Geese flying overhead, and the wind through the Blue Spruce trees. Now, be honest, don't you wish YOU were here in 35 degrees blogging?!?!?